Qualification and Reliability tests

We carry out qualifications according to your specifications as well as to specific market standards such as AEC-Q 100 / 101/ 200, ESCC 9020 / 9010/9000, MIL-STD 883/202, JEDEC 22, TELCORDIA GR 468/1221/326/1312, IEC 60068-2-XX. Even if qualification and reliability tests are not required for your products, it might be worth it to consider such possibilies as it would improve long-term reliability and reduce breakdown costs considerably. We provide following services in the field of testing and qualification:

  • Preparation of test concepts and qualification plans
  • Qualification
  • Life-tests, burn-in and run-in
  • Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) and autoclave
  • Temperature-Humidity-Bias (THB)
  • Environmental simulations and artificial ageing by means of environmental tests from -70°C to +300 °C and 10 to 98 percent humidity (constant ,cyclical or as shock)
  • Mechanical tests such as shock, bump or vibration (sine wave vibration and random vibration)
  • ESD tests
  • Mechanical and thermal qualification tests
    • Life-test and burn-in of LEDs and laser diodes with online measurement
    • Failure analysis on module and chip-level
    • Risk analysis of new technologies
    • Measurement of eye safety of LEDs and lasers
  • (Opto-) electronic characterization
  • Physical construction analysis / solderability test
  • Determination and testing of moisture classes

If we can assist you with our services in the field of qualification and reliability tests, please contact us.