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News from RoodMicrotec

News from RoodMicrotec
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Dear Reader,

The coronavirus is the talk of the town. To deal with COVID-19, every one of us needs to do their part - including RoodMicrotec. We are taking all measures to protect our partners - employees as well as customers and suppliers. Despite the challenges in everyday business, we continue to maintain our usual high quality and outstanding level of service as well as unimpaired business relationships with our customers and suppliers. 

We're in this together. Stay healthy!

We are pleased to send you our quarterly newsletter. In this first edition, we will inform you about our newest projects and developments. 

This first issue in 2020 comes with many greetings from

Jan de Koning Gans

Managing Director - Sales & Marketing 


RoodMicrotec increases its testing capacity                           
Commissioning of a new V93000 SmartScale SoC Testsystem

Due to an increased demand for testing from our customers, especially in the automotive sector, a new V93000 SmartScale SoC Testsystem has been installed at the RoodMicrotec test facility in Nördlingen. Starting in the first quarter of 2020, the new state-of-the-art testing system adds extended services to the company's portfolio. 

“Adding test resources is needed to support our growth strategy, based on long-term forecasted demand. It will also allow us to offer our customers additional capacity, when needed", says Jan de Koning Gans, Managing Director of RoodMicrotec GmbH. 

 V93000 SmartScale SoC Testsystem

 Technical details: 

 - Water Cooled Compact "C" Testhead, 2 Card Cages
 - Pin Scale 1600 digital channel cards (384 Pins with 32MB vector memory and       
   up to 533 Mbit/s) 
 - High Density Device Power Supply and Precision VI source card DPS128:
   Mixed version with 64 High Current Channels up to 7V / 64A in total and 
   64 High Voltage Channels up to 15V / 12.8A in total
 - Xpress Data Mode for high throughput 
 - 128 Utility Lines (Large Interface)


Final meeting of the BMBF project GaNScan                             
Three partners AdMOS, IMS Chips and RoodMicrotec gathering together for the last time. 

Mid of February, the final meeting of the publicly funded project GaNScan took place at AdMOS, one of the partners. RoodMicrotec, who coordinated the project, sent four engineers from Test Engineering, Supply Chain Management and Innovation Management to present the recent results as well as the plans for a 4-month extension of the project.                                                               

Inside the GaNScan project, novel methods for testing and modeling of Gallium nitride on silicon (GaN/Si) transistors are developed. Three partners, AdMOS, IMS Chips and RoodMicrotec, have collaborated in the last 2 ¬Ĺ years in the framework of the KMU-innovativ funding program, which is supported by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). While the GaN high power transistors as well as the driver ASIC were fabricated at IMS Chips, RoodMicrotec was responsible for the development of a packaging strategy for both, driver ASIC and GaN transistor which needed to withstand voltages or currents of up to 1000V or 10A. Our Test Engineering department designed probe cards for high voltages and currents, modified a wafer tester for high voltage operation and prepared tests of the packaged devices.

Our Innovation Manager Dr. Björn Hoffmann, who coordinated the project, was impressed by the results: "The ideal combination of two innovative SMEs and a specialized research institute resulted in a very high quality of new developments for modeling and testing of high power GaN devices. Testing structures on a wafer at up to 1000V is not easy and requires a lot of precautions and specialized hardware. Furthermore, we designed a custom package to accommodate the power transistor and the driver. This will help us a lot to deal with future high-power applications."

To successfully finalize the project, RoodMicrotec will continue the project work for a 4-month period. During this time, the final wafer tests and a reduced package qualification will be performed.

 Specialists from AdMOS, IMS Chips and RoodMicrotec during the final meeting.

 High voltage probe card contacting GaN/Si transistors on a wafer.



Additional sales power                                                             
RoodMicrotec signs Sales Representative Agreement with Cedar Technologies Ltd. 

RoodMicrotec appointed Cedar Technologies as sales representative for the Nordic countries, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Mr. Brian Märcher, Managing Director of Cedar Technologies Ltd., and Mr. Jan de Koning Gans, Managing Director of RoodMicrotec GmbH, have signed a contractual agreement under which Cedar Technologies will develop new businesses and grow RoodMicrotec’s market share in the designated territories.

RoodMicrotec offers ASIC supply chain services as well as qualification, test, and failure analysis services for semiconductor components. Cedar Technologies, through their sales organization and local presence, as well as market knowledge and reputation, will offer and sell these services.

Jan de Koning Gans, Managing Director of RoodMicrotec GmbH, says:

“Expanding our market share in various selected countries is part of our company growth strategy. Local presence is essential for identifying new business opportunities and engaging in long lasting business with customers in those countries. I am happy to have met Brian, got to know Cedar Technologies, and reached the cooperation agreement.

Brian Märcher, Managing Director of Cedar Technologies Ltd., says:

‚ÄúI am very excited to¬† represent RoodMicrotec in our region. RoodMicrotec strongly complements our strategy and strengthens the value that Cedar can bring to its customers. It has been a pleasure meeting the very professional team at RoodMicrotec and we are looking forward to promote their services to our customers.‚ÄĚ
About Cedar Technologies

Cedar Technologies is an independent sales representative covering Northern Europe and Poland. Founded in 1992, Cedar Technologies continuously strives to be the most effective outsourced salesforce to take semiconductor products and related services to market in Northern Europe, while simultaneously offering superior technology and service to customers. We believe local people understand local business best.



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