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3rd edition of RoodMicrotec's newsletter

3rd edition of RoodMicrotec's newsletter
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Dear Reader,

I am happy to introduce this year's third edition of RoodMicrotec's newsletter. In this issue, we will inform you about our newest projects and developments. 

Wishing you lots of reading enjoyment. 

Yours sincerely,

Jan de Koning Gans

Managing Director - Sales & Marketing 

RoodMicrotec cooperates with Totech       
Both companies jointly offer long-term storage services

RoodMicrotec and the Dutch company Totech, a world leading manufacturer of storage and humidity control solutions under their trademark Super Dry Totech, signed a cooperation agreement in which they agree to offer long-term storage and related quality testing. 

The partnership is based on core strengths of the two companies and both sides will take full advantage of it. Totech provides long-term storage of materials and components at their facilities in Zwolle, the Netherlands. RoodMicrotec will be providing electrical tests and physical analyses of semiconductor components prior to storage as well as periodic quality monitoring during storage and before shipping components back to the customer. 

For further information on Totech click here.  

(from the left: Klaus Dittmann, Martin Sallenhag, Jos Brehler, Dave Brehler, Jan de Koning 
  Gans, Dieter Schreiber, Michael Witt, Timo Steinmeyer, Andre Rinne)



This European funded project focuses on developing advanced packaging for photonics, optics and electronics for low cost manufacturing 

RoodMicrotec strengthens its innovative strength by participating in another high-class funding project. In addition to the existing projects - GaNScan, APreMedi and EuroPAT-MASIP -, the next major European funding project, APPLAUSE, was launched in May 2019.

A consortium of 31 key players for packaging of electronics, optics and photonics, leading equipment suppliers and testing experts from 11 countries launched a new project, ‚ÄúAdvanced packaging for photonics, optics and electronics for low cost¬†manufacturing in Europe,‚ÄĚ simply called APPLAUSE. The project fosters the European semiconductor value chain by building new tools, methods and processes for high volume manufacturing. As a part of the Electronics Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU), the 34M‚ā¨ total budget for the three-year project is co-funded by Horizon 2020 and national funding agencies and industries.¬†

Being the leader of work package 6 (Testing, Reliability, Failure Analysis & Metrology) for all six industrial use cases, RoodMicrotec will contribute with its core competence in quality and reliability. As national coordinator for the nine German partners, RoodMicrotec also is the main contact for the German funding agency. In total, RoodMicrotec will receive about 750,000‚ā¨ of funding from the EU and the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) within the next three years.¬†

‚ÄúAPPLAUSE is a great chance to develop new technologies for the next generation of advanced packaging for the ever growing photonics industry with regards to testing and qualification. With our finger on the pulse of the time, we will strengthen our future market position‚ÄĚ, says Martin Sallenhag, CEO of RoodMicrotec.¬†

The six use cases include a substantially smaller 3D integrated ambient light sensor for mobile and wearable applications (ams AG, Austria), a high performance, low cost, uncooled thermal IR sensor for automotive and surveillance applications (IDEAS, Norway); high speed datacom transceivers with reduced manufacturing costs (DustPhotonics, Israel), a flexible cardiac monitoring patch (Precordior, Finland), miniaturized cardiac implants with advanced monitoring capabilities (Cardiaccs, Norway), and an optical water measurement module with cost-effective packaging of components (Vaisala, FinIand).

For more information click here. 

Project partners: 


RoodMicrotec joined the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)    
EPIC is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics in Europe. 


Recently, we joined the European Industry Photonics Consortium (EPIC), a network of more than 500 companies from the fields of optics & photonics, to foster our expertise in wafer testing of photonic integrated circuits and reliability testing of modern photonic devices.                                                                  
EPIC brings together European companies, but actively works on collaborations with countries and partners worldwide. Meetings take place all over the world to connect Asian or American companies to the EPIC members.

‚ÄúEPIC puts its extensive network and experience to the benefit of its membership to support companies accelerate their growth and technological advancements, and reaching out to emerging photonics markets‚ÄĚ, says Carlos Lee, Director General of EPIC.

Being part of such a large network enables us to efficiently promote our services to suitable companies. Some of our related services are eye safety measurements, optical characterization of emitters (LEDs, laser diodes, VCSEL) or detectors, as well as life-time & reliability tests of such devices.

Apart from networking, the membership will give us detailed insights into the requirements for testing and reliability services of one of the fastest growing semiconductor segments today.

‚ÄúThe EPIC Meeting on VCSELs Technology and Applications was my first EPIC event and it was a stunning experience! I have never witnessed such a motivating and inspiring networking event before. I have made many promising new contacts about VCSEL technology to boost our optoelectronics business‚ÄĚ, says Dr. Bj√∂rn Hoffmann, Manager Optoelectronics & Innovation at RoodMicrotec.

For more information on EPIC click here.


Failure Analysis seminar was a success
Seminar "EOS - Was wirklich dahintersteckt" in Stuttgart

On October 10th, RoodMicrotec organised a successful seminar about ‚ÄúElectrical Overstress (EOS)‚ÄĚ. The seminar illuminated failures with an EOS error signature and showed the variety of actual causes for EOS. Experienced experts gave their views on the issues, illustrated by many case studies.

We welcomed 22 participants, who gave very positive feedback.

The speakers, whom we would like to thank once again for their contributions, were:

- J√ľrgen Gruber, RoodMicrotec
- Björn Hoffmann, RoodMicrotec
- Peter Jacob, Empa / EM Microelectronic-Marin SA
- Karim T. Kaschani, Texas Instruments
- Christian Mohr, RoodMicrotec
- Uwe Thiemann, EM Microelectronic-Marin SA


New face - We got personnel reinforcement!

We are proud to announce that our team has just grown larger as we welcome a new team member ‚Äď Sebastian ‚Äď who will strengthen our team in the field of failure analysis.

To get to know them better, we asked them the following three questions:

What are you doing at RoodMicrotec?

The best description of the typical work as a failure analysis engineer I heard so far is ‚ÄúBeing a pathologist for electronics‚ÄĚ. And that is really true. When you get a broken component you have to develop a plan for your analysis to get the desired results. But you also have to expect the unexpected, so you may have to change your planned approach if you find new hints on what may have led to the defect.
How does your daily work life look like?

As you can imagine failure analysis is often time-critical. Therefore, the very first thing I do is to check my emails and ask¬†colleagues, if there is anything new that has to be done immediately. Afterwards, I try to get an idea of what has to be done to plan my day accordingly and ask my colleagues for inspirations, in case I am not sure about how I should analyse a failure. But as I already said ‚Äď expect the unexpected. After each step of an analysis you get new insights and need to adjust your approach.
What is your RoodMicrotec highlight so far?

I am really interested in semiconductor technology and therefore, it was a joy to take a look at an IC processed in a sub-14nm node and identify the FinFETs.
Another highlight was the first report I wrote on my own. And of course the working atmosphere. There might be stressful times, but even then, little jokes between colleagues can cheer up the mood.


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